Six visitors points can also be slapped for this violation.
Beware, motorists who do now not provide priority to pedestrians at distinct regions could be caught via “advanced surveillance systems” and penalized, the Dubai Police have warned.

“There are masses of drivers who do not prioritize pedestrians who cross the roads from particular areas. This is a serious violation and might reason accidents and even demise,” stated Major-General Mohammed Saif Al Zafeen, chairman of the Federal Traffic Council and Dubai Police assistant commander-in-leader for operations. According to the federal site visitors law, a great of Dh500 and six traffic factors can be slapped for this violation, he added.
Maj-Gen Al Zafeen referred to as on motorists to be cautious while riding and give attention to pedestrians. “Motorists must lessen their velocity as they approach pedestrian crossings, especially at the same time as driving through densely populated areas,” he said.

As a former town cop in Chicago and Dallas metro areas, I can nation from revel in that site visitors enforcement in Fountain Hills is pathetically insufficient. While deputies do an excellent task on the street, there virtually aren’t sufficient squads doing visitors enforcement on a non-stop basis. This may be a contract difficulty among the metropolis and MCSO.
At a minimum, there must be no fewer than cars doing primary site visitors enforcement around metropolis at some point of sunlight hours and night hours. Two squads may want to spend two hours in line with the shift on every one of the 3 principal arteries into a metropolis with various quantities of time on Shea. Traffic devices can offer backup for other units dealing with “ordinary” calls as needed.
I hesitate to label any call ordinary nowadays, as regulation enforcement personnel face unpredictable risks on each call, regardless of its obvious nature. I admire all first responders and public safety oldsters and wish them all of the nice on this dangerous age we stay in; even right here in Fountain Hills. Maybe especially right here!
Violations of site visitors legal guidelines are flagrant anywhere. Each time I pressure thru metropolis, I witness cars dashing manner over posted limits, ignoring prevent signs and symptoms, non-use or late activation of signals for turns or lane changes and all types of just plain idiotic driving. Zipping thru shop parking plenty is commonplace; stupidity personified.
As Fountain Hills desires funds for avenue upkeep, why now not pass town visitors ordinances and use potentially considerable pleasant monies from site visitors law violations for that logical motive? This could cope with critical problems and enhance protection for citizens and traffic.

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