COPENHAGEN, March 27  – Denmark may additionally spend up to 2.4 billion Danish crowns ($360 million) on prison recommendation in its try to recoup some of the extra than $2 billion in tax rebates it says it was tricked into paying in a dividend stripping scam.
“This is not just about getting the cash back, however additionally about the residents’ experience of justice,” the Danish Tax Agency’s director of special manipulate said in a statement on Wednesday.
Denmark’s tax business enterprise has to this point subpoenaed 470 human beings and groups in five international locations within the case. ($1 = 6.6337 Danish crowns) (Reporting by using This Jensen Editing by using Alexander Smith)

The beyond a couple of a long time have witnessed drastic adjustments in how criminal offerings are provided. We now see law workplaces in traditional settings, such as tall buildings with elevators, and additionally, in supermarkets, warehouse stores and even cafes—as visible inside these days installed Toronto cafe Lawyers & Lattes Legal Café. It begs the question: Where are legal services heading?
I am a toddler boomer, which means I changed into nourished with the pictures of an attorney through television from the Fifties and ’60s. One of my heroes became Perry Mason. His desk was Spartan. No pc. His able assistant, Della Street, sat in on his patron interviews with a steno pad in hand. And Mason constantly wore a blackish in shape. I presume it changed into blackish, my presumption being based partially at the reality that my television display become in black and white. I will upload that his weekly adversary, District Attorney Hamilton Burger, typically wore a gray suit. Again, I can handiest bet from what I noticed thru the lens of my television.
This becomes a lawyer in a regulation workplace. Mason inspired me huge time to go into the criminal profession.
Another most important legal professional role model for me turned into the person Atticus Finch, as performed by way of Academy Award winner Gregory Peck in To Kill a Mockingbird. He practiced out of his timber, veranda-equipped house in rural Alabama. He also wore a suit—honestly a white in shape. The film changed into shot in black and white and, again, I can only bet on the actual shade. Finch was a formidable legal professional, worrying, attentive and courageous. No elevator, but that turned into OK.
Let’s fast forward some many years. In the Toronto area, one attorney commenced changing the face of the law office through putting in numerous storefront branches in purchasing department stores, no appointment important. While you’re out searching for a new pair of Nike shoes, you could just drop in at the lawyer store and spill all the beans of your dysfunctional marriage to an lawyer on responsibility.

I think in case you are charged with an extreme crime, consisting of attack with a weapon—and you may want a legal professional who comes particularly endorsed—you could now not take an excessive amount of consolation in hearing a person let you know: “Just visit that workplace near the Gap at the Belmont Mall. Ask if the guy with the horn-rimmed glasses is in. He got me off on a rushing price.”
Not too long in the past, a regulation firm known as Axess Law opened up several branches inside Walmart shops in Ontario. This firm, just like the mall lawyers one, has a expenses menu stationed in front, list the value of diverse services. It passed off to me that clients might just think they may be Walmart legal professionals. I consider that Walmart could be worried about being dragged into ability malpractice litigation and, for that reason, they probably have stringent provisions of their leasing agreements to make certain they distance themselves from the legal professionals.
It might not marvel me if the provisions included conditions like:
• Your legal professionals will not wear yellow and blue smocks.
• Your fees list should be in spherical numbers. It cannot read something like: “Preparation of Will: $333.00.”
• You need to no longer have a greeter at your entrance.
These are simply my thoughts expressing my situation for Walmart’s welfare.
More currently in Toronto, a legal professional named Dale Barrett opened a cafe in October 2018 called Lawyers & Lattes where you may also get prison offerings. The cafe gives an honest array of food and drink. If a consumer desires prison offerings, there are usually more than one lawyers on responsibility who will sit down at a table with the customer-now-became-consumer. This man or woman can choose privacy away from, say, the college students sitting nearby with their computers.
There is also a menu, or instead fees listing, for prison offerings. I actually have no longer seen it, but even though it’s an upscale cafe, I doubt it reads whatever like: “Wills: Basic – $250.00; Grande – $three hundred.00; The Works – $500.00. Maybe they actually have specials: “Try our combo: Prenup and matrimonial domestic sale: $999.00.”
You never know; it could come in on hand in the future.
I believe their attorney get dressed code is simple; maybe they can display up in jeans, no trouble. Barrett needs to dispel attorney stereotypes. He without problems achieves this goal.
I can’t imagine Perry Mason interviewing a homicide purchaser suspect at the same time as sitting round in his office carrying a couple of Levi’s denim. Nor do I see Atticus Finch telling his purchaser, “They have your fingerprints at the homicide weapon. Looks critical. You can get the chair for this one. Can I get you a cappuccino?”

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