2018 become a hectic year for deal-making throughout Southeast Asia, with customers using each new and current British Virgin Islands (BVI) groups as part of their deal structures. According to figures launched with the aid of the BVI Financial Services Commission, the jurisdiction’s regulator, by way of the cease of the third sector, 2018, a total of 28,499 new BVI groups were incorporated in 2018 – a vast boom on new incorporation numbers for the first three quarters of the 2 preceding years.
We, inside the Singapore workplace of the Maples Group, were fortunate to act on offers regarding BVI entities throughout the place, and across sectors along with fintech, biotech, resources, manufacturing and actual estate for both overseas investors coming into the area and current nearby gamers eliminating, or acquiring, property.

As readers will no question be conscious, commonly, BVI agencies are used on the pinnacle of funding systems, either to behave because the remaining protecting automobile for an institution’s or an person’s stake in an underlying commercial enterprise or asset, or as the conduit or joint venture for funding monies (for an investor organization) to be made to be had to the underlying business.
The following provisions of the BVI Business Companies Act, the BVI’s company regulation statute, are attractive in this context:
The absence of the concept of share “capital” (and use of no par value stocks) in order that subscription monies and different monies available inside the organization can be fully applied for the gain of the commercial enterprise;iness;
In an investor organization context, the capability of directors of a BVI agency to behave inside the excellent interests of the shareholder (of the enterprise) that appointed them (as opposed to the best interests of the BVI agency itself);
Ability to declare and pay dividends and distributions issue simplest to a solvency dedication from the administrators of the company – no concepts of share capital or top class to deal with;
Ability to repurchase or redeem shares problem only to the solvency willpower stated above; and
Privacy of possession records – even as BVI law requires that director and shareholder information for all BVI businesses (such as remaining useful possession information) is maintained inside the BVI, this information isn’t to be had to most people.
In addition to the tangible advantages of the act itself, the BVI retains its “brand” enchantment and it continues to be the world over identified as a dependable jurisdiction for the facilitation of pass-border transactions in Southeast Asia and, similarly, both traders and financiers of that investment can take benefit of the nearby availability of BVI felony recommendation and associated offerings from providers right here in Southeast Asia to incorporate, navigate and propose their organizations on all corporate related transactions.

Using mergers
In terms of tendencies inside the market, improved M&A pastime has brought about customers to study all viable alternatives open to them under the act. One route to an acquisition (that we have visible in both a public and a private corporation context) is using a merger of or greater businesses to impact acquisition of the final underlying commercial enterprise. The act presents that a BVI employer can merge with some other BVI employer or a foreign organization (in which the homestead of the overseas corporation provides for the merger concept).
Under the act, a merger calls for the approval of both the directors of the agency and the holders of in extra of fifty% of the votes attaching to shares. The act provides shareholders with the possibility to dissent from a merger vote put to the shareholder body, and the dissenting shareholder to are trying to find a “fair cost” fee from the corporation for their shares whilst the merger transaction itself (subject to being accepted by the considered necessary range of votes) progresses.
A merger ensures that an acquirer will gather a one hundred% interest within the BVI enterprise because it applies to all shareholders, no matter the dimensions of their shareholding. Shareholders of the BVI enterprise being acquired by means of way of merger will either vote to just accept the merger consideration (that’s regularly, however, no longer usually, a cash fee in alternate for his or her company shares) or will receive “truthful price” with the aid of way of the dissenting shareholder method.
An exchange in Singapore agency law, added in past due 2017, brought about some of the inquiries over the route of 2018 and into this year. Contingent on sure thresholds being reached (as set out within the applicable Singapore regulation), it’s far now viable to redomicile BVI corporations from BVI to Singapore. BVI has had the concept of redomiciliation available below the act on the grounds that its passage into law, and clients in some of the jurisdictions together with the Cayman Islands, Delaware, Jersey and Luxembourg have utilized the reciprocity of the redomicile provisions in their personal companies law to move groups into, and out of, the BVI.

HNWs & Family Succession Planning
A growing trend that we see is an boom inside the range of inquiries referring to probate and succession topics regarding BVI corporations. Historically, a number of Asian-based clients integrated their BVI corporations as sole shareholder or sole director entities in order that the patriarch, matriarch or founder of a circle of relatives commercial enterprise holds the role both of choice maker and appointor of the decision maker in their private potential.
As the underlying groups held by using those BVI corporations have, through the years, grown and become extra complex, thought now needs to receive as to how to structure the maintaining agencies and offer for succession. BVI non-public agree with companies and VISTA trusts offer commercial enterprise proprietors the ability to plan for succession at the same time as permitting them to retain a few managers over the control of the commercial enterprise.
In addition, the act’s flexibility in terms of its remedy of the holders of different instructions of shares has caused elevated creativity inside the drafting of the rights provided to percentage training in BVI agencies, in order that the founder of a commercial enterprise can look to maintain the voting rights (and consequently control) of the corporation even as imparting that own family participants maintaining a one-of-a-kind elegance of share or stocks get hold of a number of the monetary blessings accruing to the retaining organization (through the earnings and distributions of the underlying businesses), which might be distributed as much as the preserving employer stage.
In some instances, we’ve worked with customers to take a look at methods to “cause” a motion of vote casting and full financial rights from one percentage class to another upon the incidence of a selected occasion – i.E., a sale or switch of assets, or upon the disability of the founder.
With numerous widespread elections taking vicinity in Southeast Asia at some point of the route of 2019, and other global financial considerations at play, we completely count on to peer clients engage in similarly deal interest across the place at some stage in the path of this yr, and welcome the opportunity to promote the blessings of doing so utilising BVI businesses.

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