A custom home builder and an lawyer who efficiently fought a large improvement will face off in Edmond’s Ward 2 race April 2.
Attorney Matt Thomas efficiently blocked a resort development near his home a few years ago, and through that enjoy he said he found out lots about how metropolis government works. It’s one of the things that stimulated him to run.
“I learned loads approximately ordinances,” Thomas said. “Our predecessors said we want numerous making plans so we don’t come to be with the improvement that’s random. Through that, I have become interested and worried, and I nonetheless seem at council meetings to do what I can to help.”
Thomas decided to run when incumbent Elizabeth Waner elected not to run for some other term.
“I was terrified that we’d be in a scenario wherein the handiest candidate to run would be a person who is involved inside the construction industry,” he said.
A 2001 UCO graduate, Moore’s first activity concerned operating for the City of Edmond in monetary development. He said he won valuable revel in from the job and that he decided to run due to the fact he desires a better future for his own youngsters and different Edmond families.
“I have a risk to represent youngsters and families in Edmond,” Moore said. “I even have a hazard to be a louder voice in Edmond when it comes to involves participating with the Edmond Public Schools and our safety and our parks and endeavor.”
He stated his role as a real property developer might not conflict with his position as a councilman. He said he has served on the Edmond Board of Appeals and Adjustments for seven years without a conflict of hobby complaint.
“Just like a person who is in oil and gasoline or an attorney, I could handle it the identical manner,” Moore said. “We do have a battle of hobby policy on the City of Edmond that needs to be accompanied to a tee. I would also consult with the city legal professional if there has been ever a query.”
The town’s biggest geographical ward, Edmond Ward 2 runs from Bryant Avenue to Choctaw Drive, and from Waterloo Road to Memorial Road. But in the general election, all registered voters in Edmond are eligible to vote in each metropolis council election.

Experience: Moore has experience in land planning and zoning, financial improvement and challenge management. He has served at the Edmond Board of Appeals and Adjustments and the Edmond Beautiful Board of Directors.
Platform: Moore is inside the construction commercial enterprise, however, he believes one of the most essential issues dealing with Edmond is growth east of Interstate 35.
“It’s no mystery that’s wherein we have a lot of room land smart for the boom, but it’s also wherein a variety of our natural beauty is,” Moore said. “As far as Ward 2 is going, I’m absolutely focused on destiny planning and zoning code and how we will keep that vicinity beautiful as it grows.”
Moore also wants to see improvement of projects that make Edmond a more walkable town, and he wants to maintain traffic sign enhancements.
“We have a number of tremendous parks in Edmond, and we need to ensure we maintain and preserve to improve them,” Moore stated. “Things like that help make Edmond what it is.”
Favorite aspect approximately Edmond: “The quality of life. Our leaders up so far have finished an exceptional job of providing great within the way of parks, exercise, and splendor. We all should work to hold that.”
Why ought to human beings vote for you?: “I’ve were given a variety of revel in and knowledge in relation to how town authorities works, and I think I additionally may be an recommend for our citizens and households that are what make Edmond an exceptional region to live.”

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